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Fatehpur Sikri

Built by Emperor Akbar
Use Red Sandstone
Built in 1571 to 1585
About 38 km from Agra
best example of Hindu & Muslim architecture

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37 kms from Agra is built a city predominantly in Red Sandstone and is called Fatehpur Sikri. This town was built by the Mughal Emperor, Akbar. He had planned this city as his capital but shortage of water compelled him to abandon the city. After this within 20 years, the capital of Mughals was shifted to Lahore.

Fatehpur Sikri was built during 1571 and 1585. Today this ghost city has a population of about 30,000. This deserted city has retained many of the old structures, because of the efforts of the Archaeological department .

Fatehpur Sikri is one of the finest examples of Mughal architectural splendour at its height. Though the city is in ruins, it is a place to visit if one comes to Agra.But in real terms Fatehpur Sikri is a place where one should spend some time. The sunset over the ruins is sight to cherish

::Important buildings ::
Jama Masjid or the Friday Mosque :
Also known as the Dargah Mosque, this is said to be a copy of the main mosque at Mecca. Its noted for its design which has persian and Hindu elements.

The monumental 54 m high Buland Darwaza :
the Gate of Victory, is the main entrance. It was constructed to commemorate Akbar's victory in Gujarat. A koranic inscription upon it read, "The world is a bridge, pass over it but built no house upon it. He who hopes for an hour, hopes for Eternity, for the world is but an hour". Just outside the gateway is a deep well wherein local daredevils leap from the top of the entrance into the water. The Shahi Darwaza is the official entrance, where licensed guides can be hired.

Tomb of Shaikh Salim Chisti :
The tomb visited by many seeking ful filment of their wishes was built in 1570. The carved marble lattice screens (jalis) are simply remarkable. Within the courtyard is the another tomb of Islam Khan, the saint's garden.

Place of Jodha Bai :
This was the principal harem wing for Akbar's Hindu wives, over which Jodha Bai, mother of Salim (emperor Jehangir) presided imperiously from her spacious purdah - screened salon. The architecture of the building is a blend of styles with Hindu columns and Muslim cupolas The walls of the Hawa Mahal or Palace of the winds are made entirely of stone latticework.

Birbal Bhawan :
This casket like palace belonged to Raja Birbal, Akbar's brilliant Brahimin prime minister, one of the "None Jewels of Akbar's Court". The palace fronts onto the Lower Haramsara, which was once believed to be an enormous stable with nearly two hundred enclosures for elephants, horses and camels.

Karawan Serai and Hiran Minar :
The Karawan Sarai was a large courtyard used by visiting merchants. The Hiran or Deer Minar is said to have been erected over the grave of Akbar's favourite elephant.

Palace of the Christian Wife :
There was a reperate abode for Akbar's Christian wife from Goa, Maryam, located close to the Jodha Bai Palace. At one time it was gilded throughout, earning the name the Golden Facade.

Panch Mahal :
A five storied architectural marvel and Akbar's personal citadel of pleasure, where he would spend his evenings with the ladies of the harem. Nearby is the Astrologer's seat, an ornamented pavilion where the resident astrologer played an important role in day to day court life.

Diwan-i-Khas :
Fatehpur Sikri's architectural gem, this structure is unique for its interior decoration. This single vaulted chamber is dominated by its massive central Lotus Throne Pillar that supported Akbar's throne. This stone column support a flat topped dome which is 6 m high.

Diwan-i-Aam :
This hall of public audience was designed for large public gatherings. Nearby is Pachisi courtyard, where akbar and his courtiers used slave girls attired in brilliant dress as piece of pachisi (a game similar to ludo), moving when ordered on a giant marble board.

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